THE SNP has called for Labour to expel nine councillors who formed an alliance with the Conservatives.

The ‘Aberdeen Nine’ have been suspended from the party for more than three years after they joined forces with the Tories to run the council.

The group were suspended immediately under Kezia Dugdale, but have been left in limbo since and have been actively promoting the Labour party in the mean time.

The SNP has argued they should be permanently expelled from the party and has urged Richard Leonard to take action,

The Herald understands the group have now received papers from the Labour party;s disciplinary body, the national constitutional committee , and will then be summoned before a panel to explain their decisions.

SNP MSP Maureen Watt said: “This is an ongoing embarrassment for the Labour party – Richard Leonard has let this farce drag on for far too long. He’s treating the people of Aberdeen like mugs.”

She added that party leader Richard Leonard had to “show who’s boss”.

A spokesman for the Scottish Labour party said he was unable to comment as it would be inappropriate to do so while a disciplinary process is ongoing.