The six Scottish Conservative MPs have been called "spineless" after a controversial trade bill passed in Westminster.

The UK Internal Market bill passed with 240 votes to 263 at its second reading tonight, with four days of debate scheduled before a third reading later this year. 

It will then go to the House of Lords, where it is expected not to have such an easy ride as the Conservatives do not have a majority. 

SNP MP Kirsten Oswald, the party's deputy in Westminster, said her party would "fiercely resist" the bill, adding that it was "dangerous and undemocratic".

She added: "It is outrageous that Westminster is forcing this bill through despite overwhelming opposition from Scotland's MPs and national Parliament.

"Yet again, Douglas Ross and the six spineless Scottish Tory MPs have voted to sell Scotland out by backing this power grab bill, which hands Westminster the power to overrule the Scottish Parliament in devolved areas and puts Scotland's NHS at risk of creeping Tory privatisation.

"This bill is a danger to Scotland's NHS and public services, a danger to Scottish food and environmental standards, a danger to Scottish democracy - and it leaves Scotland open to a dangerous race to the bottom under an extreme Tory Brexit.

"By breaking the devolution settlement and international law, the Tories have shown they cannot be trusted. It is clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is to take our place as an independent country.”