Former Tory MP Charlei Elphicke has been jailed for sexually assaulting two women. 

Elphicke, the Dover MP from 2010 until 2019, was convicted of three counts of sexual assault, against two women, between 2007 and 2016 following a trial in July.

The complainants, who did not know one another and were both younger than Elphicke, each described how Elphicke referred to himself as “naughty” after assaulting them.

Natalie Elphicke, his wife, announced she had ended their 25-year marriage less than an hour after his conviction.

In sentencing, Mrs Justice Whipple said to Elphicke: “Both women described similar and shocking allegations on them.

“You’re a sexual predator who used your success and respectability as a cover.

"You made your victims come to court.

“They told the truth, and you told a pack of lies – not only to the jury, but your wife, the whips and the police.”

Charlie Elphicke showed no emotion as he was sentenced to two years in prison, effectively immediately.

He collected a small holdall before being taken from the dock into custody.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall QC, reading a statement from the first victim, said the effect of what Elphicke did “had a lasting impact”, and said she had a “significantly increased sense of caution” when coming into contact with men, including taxi drivers and butchers.

She said: “The logical part of my brain is telling me to be polite to them but the emotional side is making me stressed.”

Ms Marshall said: “Even to the extent that when the (police) officers came to take an account from her, she found it difficult to be alone with them.

“She says she avoided being alone with men in general.”

The statement added: “It took me a long time to get back on my feet (following the assault).”

Concluding with her thoughts on the verdict, the woman – who cannot be named – said: “I feel heard. Thank you.”

The second victim, a former Parliamentary worker in her 20s, said in her impact statement, sections of which were read before the court: “I still remember how he made me feel, I still know those feelings of fear and helplessness.

“I do believe as a result of what happened, it changed how I perceived myself.

“Because of his acts, he stole a large part of my self-worth and self-esteem.”

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall said Elphicke “affected her dreams”, with the victim – who cannot be named – adding: “My inner scars will always be there.”