Having a criminal record is not usually considered a CV highlight when applying for jobs.

But for bosses at one Scottish home security firm, it is exactly what they are looking for.

Edinburgh-based Boundary Technologies has created a new product testing role and the ideal candidate must meet one vital specification – he or she must be a reformed burglar.

The former housebreaker will help to “criminal proof” the firm’s alarm systems and, the company claims, “create something positive out of their previous misdeeds”.

The business has teamed up with Unlock, a charity which advocates for people with criminal convictions, to seek applications for the consultancy role which will pay out £40,000 pro rata.

Robin Knox, Co-Founder and CEO of Boundary Technologies, claims that the firm wants to help the successful applicant get back on their feet.

He said: “Our system is designed to outsmart a burglar all by itself, so we thought who better to test the product than a reformed burglar, who has turned their life around and can offer us unmatched advice and expert knowledge when it comes to the tricks and tactics used by criminals when attempting to break-in and steal from a property.

“As well as helping to improve our product, we are also passionate about giving a helping hand for someone looking to get back on their feet, particularly in the current climate, where work is harder to come by.”

According to the job advert, the ideal candidate will have convictions for domestic house-breaking and possess extensive knowledge of breaking into homes.

The person must also be enthusiastic and hard-working and be available for work at least two days per month.

The advert also states: “As our unique home security system is designed to outsmart criminals and stop burglars in their tracks, it makes sense for us to collaborate with someone who has the unparalleled experience and understanding of security that we’re looking for.

“By making a burglary conviction a pre-requisite for the job, we can make sure we pick someone with the experience we need and the work ethic to put that to good use.

“What’s more, we also hope to be able to help our hired reformed offender get back on their feet, find some paid work in the current unstable job market, and generate some experience to add to their CVs for future career opportunities.”

Boundary Technologies has agreed to make a donation to Unlock as part of the tie-in.

Christopher Stacey, co-director of the charity, said: “People with criminal records are often assumed to be untrustworthy - yet here’s a job where the ability to spot the flaws in a system are essential.

“Whether it’s advising on burglar alarms or providing customer service, excluding people because of their past convictions means missing out on skilled candidates and we encourage businesses of all shapes and sizes to look beyond someone’s past and look at the potential they can bring to the organisation.”

The unusual role comes just weeks after the Scottish Government confirmed plans to make changes to the length of time that many convictions need to be disclosed to employers.

The changes, which take effect in November, will see those aged 18 have to disclose a six month custodial sentence for two and a half years rather than the current period of seven years.

Meanwhile, fines will need to be disclosed for 12 months rather than the current five years.

For under 18s, a six month sentence will need to be disclosed for one and a half years, rather than three and a half, and a fine will be disclosed for six months instead of two and a half years.

The move, under the Management of Offenders (Scotland) Act, has been made in a bid to support people out of offending and into work and education.

Justice secretary Humza Yousaf said the reforms balance the requirement for safeguards while allowing offenders to move on with their lives.

Unlock welcomed the changes, describing them as “significant” and said they broadly followed similar changes which were made in England and Wales in 2014.

Anyone looking for more information on the job can find it on the Boundary Technologies website.