A new advert showing the dangers of spreading coronavirus to loved ones from the Scottish Government has provoked a mixed reaction from viewers.

Some are hailing it as the "best advert yet" for effectively conveying the dangers of Covid-19 transmission, whilst others have slammed the clip as "unbelievable scaremongering". 

The video features a young woman making a cup of tea for her grandfather while inadvertently spreading the virus - depicted here as a green slime - on most surfaces in the kitchen.

One Facebook user said: "This virus kills older people. It doesn't matter if you are fifty or fifteen, we all have to be responsible and look after our elders and people who are more at risk. Social responsibility is a thing."

However, another added: "This is a horrendous advert and albeit a hard hitting message I think it’s really irresponsible for any government to actively encourage citizens to blame each other for the spread of the disease."

Tagged with the reminder "don't spread coronavirus on to those you love", the Scottish Government's clip aims to encourage behaviour including regular hand washing, cleaning surfaces, and keeping a two-metre distance. 

Scots are no longer permitted to meet with another household indoors, and must only meet in groups of six people from a maximum of two households outdoors.