More than 125 students in Edinburgh have tested positive for coronavirus.

Health bosses confirmed to The Herald on Thursday that 120 positive cases have been identified in Edinburgh Napier University, with a small number in the University of Edinburgh and a small number in Queen Margaret University.

Public health experts in NHS Lothian are urging all students to follow all national guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

It comes after at least 124 students in student accommodation linked to the University of Glasgow tested positive for the virus, leading to more than 600 students being placed in self-isolation.

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Professor Alison McCallum, Director of Public Health and Health Policy, NHS Lothian, said: “This is a really important time for all of our students and we need them to stay safe. They must follow national advice and all of the COVID-19 prevention and infection control guidance that has been put in place to protect them.

“When someone is asked to self-isolate as a case or a contact they must stay in their room on their own to help us prevent the infection from spreading. You cannot go out except to be tested.

 “Social gatherings and parties spread COVID-19. They are not allowed in Scotland because of the immediate and longer-term health risks from COVID-19. If you hear of one, don’t go”.

“We know this is a worrying time for students, staff and their families. If everyone follows the guidance we can keep the spread of COVID-1919 under control.

“Students should be alert to the symptoms of COVID-19.  If they develop symptoms then they should self isolate, inform their key link person at their university and arrange testing.”

The Health Protection Team in NHS Lothian says they are working with all of the universities to provide any advice around infection control measures and enhance testing arrangements for students in the affected halls of residence.