Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stated that the UK nations need to work closer together to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Brown stated that the fight against Covid-19 has "got to be a joint exercise” and that he was "shocked" that Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson are "not talking at all for most of the time and have the occasional conversations."

When asked about Nicola Sturgeon’s performance during the pandemic, Mr Brown said that the First Minister has "done roughly the same things" but that "the same mistakes were made" around care homes, the lack of early testing and not locking down early enough.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Brown said:

"They've done roughly the same things.

"She's been ahead of him on some of the issues that had to be dealt with like the closing down of certain facilities, the local lockdowns and everything else.

"But of course the same mistakes were made in Scotland about old peoples homes.

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"The same mistakes were made about not closing down early enough in March.

"The same mistakes about the lack of testing for too long.

"There are lessons to learn.

"They should be learning them together."