Boris Johnson has called for "global unity" in addressing the coronavirus pandemic in an address to the UN General Assembly today.

He has accused some nations of acting "selfishly" in the address in which he outlined the UK Government's plan for preventing a further global pandemic. 

"COVID-19, coronavirus, has united humanity as never before", he said. "And yet the crisis has also been an extraordinary force for division."

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The Prime Minister said in his remarks that despite being "up against the same enemy", "the very notion of the international community looks tattered," making "individual nations seem selfish and divided from each other."

He added: “Never again must we wage 193 separate campaigns against the same enemy."
Mr Johnson also spoke of his hopes for humanity to "reach across borders and repair these ugly rifts."

He continued: "Let’s heal the world – literally and metaphorically.

"And let’s begin with the truth, because as someone once said, the truth shall set you free."

The Prime Minister also spoke of the "100 potential vaccines" that are currently being trialled, and pledged that the UK is to contribute up to £571 million to COVAX, a new initiative designed to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine across the world.

He also announced that the UK's plan to boost funding to the World Health Organization by 30 per cent, to 340 million pounds over the next four years.

You can read his address to the UN General Assembly in full here.