SCOTLAND'S struggling events industry is being punished by the government's unique ban on music in venues, according to sector bosses.

Scotland is the only country in the world to impose a ban on background music in venues. 

The Night-Time Industries Association Scotland (NTIAS) - which represents hospitality and events venues - has launched a campaign to reinstate music in venues which have fallen silent across the country.

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The campaign argues that Scotland's ban on music is ruining the atmosphere in pubs, bars and restaurants at a time when the sector is already struggling and that silent bars could also encourage patrons to physically move closer to one another in order to speak more quietly to avoid being overheard. 

NTIAS have launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #DontStopTheMusic asking people to post their favourite songs to social media to show support for their efforts. 

City bars and venues have backed the campaign, with SWG3and Firewater among big Glasgow names to bring back music.  

Michael Grieve, Chair of NTIAS said, “The total ban on background music is having a severe effect on many hospitality businesses leading to completely sterile environments which some have likened to visiting a library.

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"It seems completely disproportionate relative to other settings and whilst our industry is totally committed to the serious public health imperatives which the Scottish government is focused on, our already damaged sector is in serious danger of being permanently wiped out unless this ban is removed.” 

Andrew Fleming Brown, Managing Director of SWG3, said, “The background music ban is the kiss of death to ambience within the hospitality sector. 

"There has not been any scientific evidence presented to support the ban and, in fact, the only evidence indicates it has the reverse effect."

The Scottish government has been approached for comment.