A FLURRY of leaks in recent days has seen Priti Patel red-faced and denigrated for plans to build remote asylum seeker processing centres.

Among the suggestions, described as “hare-brained” by the UK’s most remote MP Alistair Carmichael, include using Scottish islands as a base for asylum seekers while they have their claims processed.

It has also emerged that disused oil rigs in the North Sea, and out-of-commission ferries were also floated as potential locations for the “offshore” centres.

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During brain-storming sessions, department officials are understood to have suggested 'blue-sky' ideas including using boats with wave machine pumps to push the small boats carrying asylum seekers back into French waters. This idea was dismissed, it is claimed, over concerns that the boats, usually crammed full of people and filled beyond their capacity anyway, would capsize and put the lives of asylum seekers at risk.

Yesterday the Herald revealed that Downing Street had refused to rule out using Scottish islands for their plan, which they say is an attempt to stop criminal gangs exploiting vulnerable asylum seekers. It is now understood Scottish islands were part of previous discussions on the new measures.

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According to reports in The Times, the Home Office ruled out the use of disused oil rigs for processing centres after warnings from industry experts that the plan would be a logistical nightmare, as well as a safety concern.

It is believed they also felt the idea would cause outrage from Nicola Sturgeon and local residents.

The plan to buy retired ferries, however, is still being considered as a possible solution, it is understood.

Other suggestions which emerged via leaks include sending asylum seekers 4000m from the UK, to Ascension island in the mid-Atlantic, while their claims are processed.

Other far-flung locations which were reportedly discussed during brainstorming sessions include Papua New Guinea, Moldova, St Helena and Morocco.

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While the ideas themselves have caused controversy and outrage form campaigners and MPs, there is also a growing sense of frustration from Whitehall over the leaks.

Government departments have blamed each other for the source of the information, while Ms Patel has yet to comment on the suggested plans.