POLICE say there have been no arrests in a hate crime probe after a gay Scot said he was forced to flee his home when a group of 20 youths targeted him with homophobic abuse every time he left the house.

Twenty-five-year-old civil servant Peter McCluskey says he was driven from his home in Rutherglen, Scotland by a gang of teenage thugs who routinely harassed him because of his sexuality.

The harassment is said to have escalated when his flat window was damaged and items were thrown at him forcing him to move to his mother's home in Buckie, Moray.

Describing the alleged abuse, Mr McCluskey said he was intimidated and spat on, and faced homophobic slurs several times a day.

He claims a group often spat at him when he was going to the shops or walking his dog Mika and said that on August 28 the situation worsened when he says he was physically assaulted and had his kitchen window smashed.


Source: Peter McCluskey GoFundMe page

Mr McCluskey called the police but was told there was nothing they could do as there were no witnesses or CCTV footage of the vandalism. After carrying out enquiries, officers came to the conclusion that there was “no evidence of criminality”.

Police Scotlnad have further confirmed that hate crime inquiries are "now complete" and that no-one has been arrested or charged.

But a spokesman added: "Should any further information relevant to the inquiry be received, it will be examined and followed up by officers."

Mr McClusky set up a fundraising page to help him find a safe home for him and his dog which raised £1742.

He said he was put in the position "for no reason other than my sexuality as an out and unashamed gay man".

"For a number of weeks I've been a target for hate crimes by a local group of troublemakers (the Rutherglen/Toryglen "Young Team" if you're from Glasgow). I have been spat on in the street, had homophobic slurs hurled at me, and the violence has escalated to the point of targeting me inside my home, and I have had objects hurled at me through windows and had my window smashed with a traffic cone.


"I can now no longer live here, and in order for me to avoid becoming homeless for the second time at 25, need to somehow get together the money to fund a move into a private let or a mid market rent, as there is a housing crisis in Glasgow and I'm on the brink of having my life ruined again because of my sexuality."

He has now suspended the fundraiser adding: "I've got more than enough to get me through this difficult period and want to thank everyone again for their kind donations and messages. You're all stars."

He says he intends to donate any surplus cash to homeless charities.

A police spokesperson said: “Police Scotland is investigating reports of a vandalism and assault which happened on Friday, August 28, at Greenhill Court in Rutherglen.

“Police Scotland received a report of anti-social behaviour by youths at Greenhill Court on August 24.

“Officers carried out inquiries and it was established there was no evidence of criminality.”