Boris Johnson's dad broke his wife's nose in a domestic violence incident, a new book has claimed.

The tell-all biography of the Prime Minister reveals details of his family life, including an incident in which his dad Stanley hit his wife Charlotte.

In the book, The Gambler, author Tom Bower describes Stanley's marriage to Boris Johnson's mum Charlotte as violent and unhappy.

She told the author: "He broke my nose. He made me feel like I deserved it."

"I want the truth to be told."

A preview of the book was reported in the Mail on Sunday, with reporters verifying the nose-breaking incident with family friends.

They said that the incident had been a one-off, and that it happened in the 1970s when Charlotte had ‘flailed’ at Stanley, who broke her nose when ‘flailing back’.

They said the 80-year-old regretted the incident which led to his wife being hospitalised, and denied he had been violent on any other occasion.

When contacted, Mr Johnson said he had not read the book and did not want to comment.

The Prime Minister's dad came under fire last week, after he was photographed buying a newspaper in a west London newsagent without wearing a face mask, breaking the Covid laws.

There were calls for him to be fined for the incident, and while the Metropolitan police were contacted, they decided not to fine him as he was not caught in real-time.

In March Mr Johnson said he would ignore his son's advice, given the day before, about people avoiding social contact in pubs and restaurants.

The Prime Minister had advised everyone, particularly those over 70, to stay away from venues to control the spread of the disease.

But when asked if he would disobey his son's public health message, Mr Johnson said: "Of course, I’ll go to a pub if I need to go to a pub."