ACCORDING to Rebecca McQuillan ("The moral bankruptcy of the Tories is destroying UK values", The Herald, October 2), Boris Johnson is the British Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. The former is erudite and genial, the latter ignorant and aggressive.

Ms McQuillan refers to the Internal Market Bill as being "catastrophic". Without it there would be barriers between the four nations of the UK, and after December 31, the EU could continue to legislate over us. In May the German Constitutional Court ruled against the European Central Bank, and by implication the European Court of Justice, proving that national sovereignty is superior to EU law.

Ms McQuillan claims Britain is "losing its reputation as a welcoming and moderate nation". So why is it that if Britain is so bad so many want to live here? England has seen a population growth of 20 million since the war; Scotland's population hasn't grown. That is why illegal immigration is an English problem and why it is facile for Scots to criticise England's attempts to control illegal immigration and why the overwhelming majority of the English electorate want immigration reduced.

She talks about "asylum seekers" wanting to move to Britain from France. Asylum seekers must seek sanctuary in the first safe country they come to, not travel through many to reach a welcoming one which provides, housing, benefits and medical care free of charge. In some schools in England English is spoken only by a minority of pupils.

Not all illegal immigrants who arrive by inflatable are counted but officially more than 4,400 have landed this year including 420 children with no parent who have to be looked after by social services. The leader of Kent County Council has said that social services in Kent are days away from being unable to cope. There are 48,000 migrants in hotels across the UK whose board and lodging is being paid for by the UK Government. Is this this "treating people like cattle"?

William Loneskie, Lauder.

THAT pesky interfering noun, Democracy: A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

I don’t believe any one person who voted in the last election voted for a cabal.

Michael Carmichael, Campbeltown.