THE SNP has been accused of trying to help shamed MP Margaret Ferrier 'spin her way out' of a crisis. 

The MP, who has refused to resign after travelling on a train for hours while knowingly carrying coronavirus, said the party pushed her to publish a prepared statement about her conduct. 

She claimed the whip was only withdrawn due to the massive public outcry about her actions, but originally there were promises that it could be returned as she had been 'honest' about what happened. 

Claims later emerged that she had misled party and parliamentary officials about the timeline around when she received a cronavirus test, and why she was returning back to Scotland from Westminster. 

It has also emerged she took a trip to a beach and gave a reading at a church service, while suffering from symptoms of the virus. 

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has now called for the SNP to explain its actions and accused the party of trying to help their former MP to 'spin her way' out of a scandal. 

He said: "This revelation has made it abundantly clear that the SNP tried to help Margaret Ferrier spin her way out of the mess that she had created.

"While Ian Blackford and Nicola Sturgeon have both sought to distance themselves from Ms Ferrier, it is clear that the SNP was more than happy to help her attempt to explain her heinous actions.

"The SNP may have turned on Margaret Ferrier, but they only did so after it became clear that the public were not going to buy their excuses.

“The SNP must come clean over the extent of its collusion." 

The SNP has been contacted for comment.