Donald Trump told his first campaign rally since contracting Covid-19 that he felt healthy enough to plunge into the crowd and give voters "a big fat kiss".

The US president hailed the handling of the pandemic from his administration despite more 215,000 Americans losing their life to Covid-19. 

There was no social distancing and mask-wearing was inconsistent among the thousands who attended Mr Trump's return to Florida.

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The 74-year-old addressed crowds for an hour in a bid to revive his struggling campaign with just weeks left before Election Day.

Though he was admitted to hospital battling the virus only a week ago, Mr Trump's message on Covid-19 was unaltered since his diagnosis: a dubious assessment that the pandemic was almost a thing of the past. Hundreds of people in the US continue to die from the virus every day.

"Under my leadership, we're delivering a safe vaccine and a rapid recovery like no one can even believe," Mr Trump insisted. "If you look at our upward path, no country in the world has recovered the way we have recovered."

He thanked the audience for their well-wishes and declared he was no longer contagious as he embarked on a frenetic final stretch of the campaign.

Mr Trump insisted that, after being given experimental medication and other VIP treatment, he felt well and was glad he no longer needed to be concerned about infection because he was now "immune".

"I feel so powerful," Mr Trump said, displaying no obvious signs of lingering infection.

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"I'll walk into that audience. I'll walk in there, I'll kiss everyone in that audience.

'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women ... everybody. I'll just give you a big fat kiss."

Despite Mr Trump's battle with a deadly disease, it was striking how little had changed. on battle against Democrat Joe Biden.

Mr Trump returned to his many usual attack lines, slamming Democrats as "engaged and unhinged and out for vengeance" and hyping "tremendous progress" on virus therapeutics.

He promised the third-quarter economy would be "record-setting" and claimed that if he won next month "normal life" would resume whereas Mr Biden would delay the vaccine and destroy the economy with a "draconian" lockdown.