LESS than half of Labour voters think Scottish party leader Richard Leonard is doing a good job. 

A new Ipsos MORI poll for STV News found just 40 per cent of Labour supporters are satisfied with Mr Leonard's performance, while 33% are dissatisfied. 

A further 27% don't know, giving Mr Leonard a net satisfaction rating of +7 among Labour supporters.

This compares badly with other Scottish and UK leaders.

The poll found 66% of Labour voters are satisfied with UK leader Keir Starmer, with 12% dissatisfied. A further 22% said they didn't know how they felt.

Meanwhile, the vast majority (93%) of SNP supporters are satisfied with Nicola Sturgeon. 

The First Minister enjoys a net satisfaction rating of +49 among all voters, with 72% satisfied with her performance and 24% dissatisfied.

This stands in marked contrast to Boris Johnson, whose unpopularity in Scotland was highlighted in the poll. 

Just 19% of Scots are satisfied with his performance, compared to 76% who are dissatisfied, giving him a net satisfaction score of -58.

Among Conservative supporters, 56% are happy with Mr Johnson's performance, and 38% dissatisfied. 

New Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross scored a net satisfaction rating of +52 among party supporters, with 66% satisfied with him and 14% dissatisfied.

Mr Ross, Mr Leonard and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie all have negative net satisfaction ratings among all voters. 

All three appear to be struggling to cut through to the Scottish public, with 40% saying they do not know whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with Mr Ross, 38% saying the same of Mr Leonard, and 41% saying the same of Mr Rennie.

Mr Starmer is the only party leader other than Ms Sturgeon to receive a positive net satisfaction rating from the Scottish public (+16).

Ipsos MORI polled 1,045 Scots between October 2 and October 9. 

Mr Leonard recently faced a failed coup attempt after four MSPs publicly called on him to resign.  

Internal critics fear Scottish Labour is on course for a crushing defeat at the Holyrood election next year and have pointed to its poor performance in recent elections.

A party source said it was time for Mr Leonard to "do the decent thing and stop being so selfish". 

Mr Leonard said: "Scottish Labour stands with the Scottish people at a time when the very real risks caused by the pandemic are sharply rising and when the economy is on the edge of a deep recession with jobs and livelihoods in peril.  

"I am leading Scottish Labour into next year's elections with a transformative plan for properly funded universal public services, world class education, investment in skills, working with business and trade unions to generate high quality jobs, and a greener economy, and our enduring commitment to build a more equal society."