MARGARET Ferrier has been urged again to step down as an MP after she avoided breaking English coronavirus laws by one day. 

The MP travelled from London to Glasgow by train on September 29 - the day self-isolation laws came in to effect.

However the Metropolitan Police said that she would face no action as she received a test, and got the result, before the rules became law.

The conclusion of the force has enraged members of the public, as well as opposition politicians who say she now must step down as an MP.

Ms Ferrier has so far refused, and said she wll stay on to represent her constituents.

She may still face sanction from Police Scotland, however, as the case has now been passed to them. 

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: "Most voters in Margaret Ferrier's constituency of Rutherglen and Hamilton West would expect to face legal sanctions if they flouted any of the Covid legislation, whether on travelling while infected, wearing face masks or rules about mixing with friends and families.

"The critical issue is that Margaret Ferrier is still voting on laws that impact on her constituents and everyone else, despite having flouted the rules herself.

"There will be a growing anger among the public that Margaret Ferrier clearly believes she is above the law in this way.

"Having escaped any criminal prosecution or legal sanctions, it would be adding insult to injury if she was allowed to retain her privileged position as an MP as well. Margaret Ferrier must do the decent thing and resign now."

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: "People will be furious that Margaret Ferrier might get off with this scot free.

"She hasn’t lost her job as an MP, she hasn’t been expelled from the SNP, and she hasn’t been charged by the Met.

“Her reckless actions have undermined the vital public health message and many people will be left feeling it’s one rule for politicians and another rule for everyone else.

“The public needs to know that what she did was wrong and cannot be allowed to stand. The SNP must send that clear message by expelling her from the party.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:  "Margaret Ferrier may have side-stepped the new regulations by one day but it’s clear to people across the nation that she broke the rules and acted in a selfish and dangerous manner.  

"It is right that Police Scotland now consider any criminality in her knowingly carrying the disease across Scotland on public transport.  

“Margaret Ferrier should have had the good grace to resign. Instead we must rely on the recall process because she does not deserve to remain in office.” 

Ms Ferrier has been contacted for comment.