A testing capacity issue within the UK-wide regional testing network has delayed a number of coronavirus results being returned to people in Scotland.

More than 64,000 tests around the UK are to be rerouted this weekend to other testing locations throughout the country.

The delay is due to capacity issues within the testing network, including at the UK Government's Glasgow Lighthouse facility.

The issues mean daily data released by the government, which includes the number of positive infections recorded in the last 24 hours as well as the number of registered deaths, is vastly different than previous days.

On Saturday, a further 15 deaths were recorded, and 1,167 new cases of coronavirus were identified.

Today, figures from the Scottish Government say 316 people have tested positive - but additional cases will be reported in the coming days.

A statement from the Scottish Government said they were urgently trying to establish what is causing the delay, however they said it is mainly due to demand from outwith Scotland.

It read: "We were notified late last week of a testing capacity issue with the UK Government Lighthouse facility in Glasgow.

"This has meant around 64,000 tests from across the UK, including Scotland, will be rerouted this weekend (Fri-Sun) to other testing sites in the UK and Northern Ireland, including tests from our physical testing sites, for example Regional Tests sites.   

"It is important to note that the majority of these tests are still well within the 24 and 48 hour timeframe for results albeit we do expect to see an increase in the level of positives on Monday and Tuesday when the results are reported.

"The Scottish Government is urgently trying to establish with the UK Government what exactly is causing the delay in testing but this is mainly due to demand from out with Scotland.

"We continue to reroute routine testing of care home staff through NHS Scotland testing facilities to ensure prompt turnaround times."