UNFORTUNATELY, even if you felt safe travelling in the middle of a pandemic, you can no longer visit the famous Faviken restaurant. Chef Magnus Nilsson decided to close the restaurant located in a remote northern corner of Sweden last year after more than a decade of success, or “4015 days, beginning to end,” as the subtitle of Nilsson’s new book explains.

A new book, entitled, naturally, Faviken, is a snapshot of the recipes, the innovations, and the singular thinking behind Nilsson’s culinary experiment, one that drew eager visitors from all around the world.

Breakfast at the restaurant, as seen here, was a mixture of familiar pleasures – bread, butter, hard cheese, jams – as well as potted trout and just-fermented yoghurt, still warm.

“People often sat for quite some time, usually longer than they were planning,” Nilsson recalls, “and not rarely did we have to remind them about the departure time to catch their flight.”

Faviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End, by Magnus Nilsson, is published by Phaidon on November 5, priced £45. Photograph Erik Olsson