What's the story?

The West Wing.


Not Trump. I'm talking about a president with fierce intellect, integrity, compassion, stoicism and quick wit.


Close. President Bartlet.

I'm a tad confused.

President Josiah Bartlet. As played by Martin Sheen in Aaron Sorkin's seminal US political drama The West Wing. Channel 4 has freshly snapped up the rights to the full caboodle – that's seven series and 154 episodes – for its on-demand streaming service All 4, available now.

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Is it worth a re-watch?

If you like rapid-fire dialogue coupled with epic walk-and-talks, then buckle up.


Exactly as it sounds. One of The West Wing's most famous scenes in this vein lasts three minutes, involving a ballroom, a kitchen, two stairwells, a car park, 500 extras, five script pages and 29 takes. You can see it in the episode, Five Votes Down, in the opening series.

Remind me of the cast?

As well as Sheen, there's Rob Lowe, Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Dule Hill, John Spencer and Alan Alda to name but a few.

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And when I've binged all 154 episodes?

The next addition to All 4's growing slate of US box sets will be noughties teen drama One Tree Hill, available from Friday.