Christmas this year will be as we’ve never known it.

It means I won’t be sneaking the Santa suit down from the loft to surprise and delight the grandkids. Presents will be delivered in advance of the big day with no physical contact – as will the birthday present for grandson Bailey McLaws who was born on Christmas Day 2009.

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a turkey for two? And who sends Christmas cards these days anyway? In 2005, more than 1.2 billion Christmas cards were posted in Britain – in 2019 that number had almost halved.

Having given this whole matter a little thought over recent days I’ve decided to help reverse this trend and keep alive the traditions of the season. I am going to buy and send more Christmas cards this year than ever before.

After all, I have more time on my hands than I’ve ever had in my lifetime.

I also have more people to personally thank for their friendship and support. It’s been the most difficult time – both practically and emotionally. Complex surgery to remove a lung which contained a malignant tumour followed by months of chemotherapy put me on the top rung of the high-risk register.

There’s nothing easy about living in a secluded bubble for almost a year but that’s what we’ve had to do to create a shield from a virus that would almost certainly kill me.

Many people have helped me and home-delivery supplies from my local supermarket have been a godsend. But I won’t be buying my Christmas cards from them.

I will buy my cards from Glasgow’s hospice online Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice charity shop this year. Everyone should buy directly from a charity they want to support.

Christmas is about giving and charities are desperately needing more of that right now.

And another thing – isn’t it just so rubbish to receive a card that carries nothing more than a quickly scrawled name below a pre-printed festive rhyme? Almost as pointless as a generic round-robin social media post featuring a random snow scene on your screen.

I plan to sit down and enjoy writing a personal message inside each and every card I send. I will also help bring the tree and decorations down from the loft. Then we will wrap the presents while watching a Christmas movie.

And when it comes to Christmas Day there will be something tasty in the oven and Skype calls will be made to happy grandkids and adult children.

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