There's no denying it - Christmas will not be normal this year.

With coronavirus restrictions looking set to remain in place over the festive period, large family gatherings and indoor mixing could be a thing of the past - but it doesn't mean Christmas won't be special.

Families across Scotland and the UK are being asked to "help Santa fly his sleigh" this year with a bit of seasonal magic.

Kids and adults alike are being encouraged to go to their doorsteps on Christmas Eve at 6pm and ring a bell for two minutes to "spread Christmas spirit".

The post on social media has amassed hundreds of thousands of shares, and Facebook events across the country have begun popping up to encourage even more people to take part. 

It reads: “On Christmas Eve at 6pm we are asking everyone to come outside and ring a bell for 2 mins to spread Christmas spirit and to help Santa fly that sleigh.

“After a tough year it would be an amazing memory for the kids and communities. End 2020 with a bit of Magic, hope and togetherness!”

And parents have been more than welcoming of the idea, with some suggesting it could become a new Christmas Eve tradition. 

A Facebook user wrote: "This is a wonderful idea, can't wait to do this with the kids."

Another said: "Just need to find a bell! Great plan."

And one had another idea, and wrote: "I think we need to all sing xmas carols too.

"I don't think Christingle will be on so I'm going to do a carols list and buy kids oranges to decorate.

"Wouldn't it be nice if all the streets were out doing this."