Donald Trump's former advisor Anthony Scaramucci has said the president's attitudes towards immigration, the press and racist language made him "impossible" to support.

The Former White House communications director spent a mere 11 days in the role of Trump's communications director and has been notoriously anti-Trump since 2019.

Mr Scaramucci, or 'The Mooch', previously stated he remains a registered Republican, but could not support Trump "because he's lost his mind."

Speaking on BBC Question Time, Mr Scaramucci explained that it was Mr Trump's views and actions regarding issues like immigration and racism that led him to change his opinion of the president.

He said: "For two years I tried to stay loyal to the president and to the president’s agenda.

"You could see me on countless shows trying to advocate on behalf of republican policies and what the president was doing.

"But he made it impossible.

"If you’re separating women and children at the border, if you’re denouncing the American intelligence agencies in front of the Russian president, if you’re calling the press the enemy of the people, if you’re using racist nativist tropes against American congresswomen known as 'The Squad', it just became impossible."

Mr Scaramucci claimed it was due to Trump "moving the goalposts" that he changed his opinion, despite some of his "liberal friends" saying he is "the same guy he was in 2015."

He went on: "He was moving the goalposts and I said okay I can no longer accept this sort of behaviour.

"So that’s what happened, and what i would say to you is the facts are changing, you change your opinion.

He added: “I wouldn’t have been supporting him for two years if I was a bitter employee. He may not have changed, but i’ve changed.

"I’ve become way more psychologically minded, way more empathetic to what is actually going on and what the struggle is right now."