Members of the British-Irish council have shared their views on the US election saying that the world desperately needs American leadership on crucial issues. 

The leaders were also asked about their views on the US election, as votes in several key battleground states continue to be counted.

Ms Sturgeon said the world “desperately needs” American leadership on issues like coronavirus and climate change, saying: “I’m not sure anybody would be greatly surprised to hear my preference for how the final votes will fall.”

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Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said: “We desperately need the United states to show global leadership on the climate emergency, in relation to dealing with the virus, and matters of inequality and of trade and stability.”

Mrs Foster said: “It’s very important we don’t interfere with other people’s democratic wishes. We look forward to the outcome of the American presidential election.

Mr Martin said the Irish diaspora has been heavily involved in the election “on both sides of the aisle”.

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He added: “Suffice to say Ireland and the United States have a very strong and enduring partnership and relationship which we value very highly.”

Mr Gove said: “Whoever is American president it’s important we work well with them and I wish both candidates well.”