Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have taken to the stage in Delaware to give victory speeches after their success in the US elections.

Ms Harris and Mr Biden took to the stage in Wilmington, Delaware, just hours after they had clinched victory in a closely fought election by winning the key battleground of Pennsylvania.

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Here are some of the best images from the celebration:

Election 2020 BidenPresident-elect Joe Biden gestures to supporters (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 WashingtonAngelique McKenna, left, and Vivian Mora, react to a speech by President-elect Joe Biden (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
Election 2020 BidenPresident-elect Joe Biden points to the crowd as he stands on stage after speaking (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 BidenPeople watch as fireworks go off after the speeches (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 BidenVice President-elect Kamala Harris holds hands with President-elect Joe Biden (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 BidenDoug Emhoff, husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Ms Harris, President-elect Joe Biden and Jill Biden stand on stage together (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 BidenPresident-elect Joe Biden, with Jill Biden (Andrew Harnik, AP)
Election 2020 BidenConfetti rests on a vehicle after President-elect Joe Biden’s speech (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Election 2020 BidenFireworks go off over the stage after President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s speeches (Andrew Harnik/AP)