The owners of a horse have said fireworks inflicted "excruciating pain and terror" when their beloved animal 'Dettori' was left with traumatising injuries on Bonfire Night.

They believe that Dettori's injuries were caused when a rogue firework went directly into his eye, which vets reportedly had no choice but to remove.

Police in Aberdeen have said that while there was never an intention to cause harm, they are working with the horse's owner and those participating in the fireworks displays as enquiries continue.

In a message on social media, Dettori's owners said that they were left with only two options, either putting the animal to sleep or removing the eye after the severe damage was "irreversible."

A fundraising page has since been launched for contributions to Dettori's treatment, which has already received over £13,000 of donations.

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Local Area Commander for Aberdeen City North, Chief Inspector Darren Bruce said:

"Our thoughts are with Dettori. We are working with the owner and those participating in the display.

"The intention was never to harm and unfortunately, the result has had tragic consequences for the animal.

"Although safety measures had been taken, animals whether near to a display or at some distance can be impacted and become distressed.

"Every year, Police, SFRS and community safety groups emphasise the importance of Firework safety and would urge that where possible, all steps are taken.

"At this time, our enquiries are ongoing".

Shortly before bonfire night this year Scottish vets called for major retailers to stop selling fireworks due to the distress it causes pets and wildlife. 

According to Vets Now, millions of pets across Scotland are traumatised by fireworks every year, sometimes with tragic consequences. 

You can read more and visit the gofundme page for Dettori here.