Glasgow City Council have been revealed to be the highest overall spenders of Christmas lights and decorations in the UK, according to a new report.

The 2020 Christmas Lights & Decorations Expenditure Report by ranks the average spend on Christmas lights and decorations in towns and cities across the UK as a proportion of their population, revealing the most and least generous spenders across the country based on Freedom of Information requests.

With Christmas just around the corner, festive lights and decorations are being prepared to illuminate towns and cities across Scotland, to spread some much-needed Christmas cheer.

The report shows that Glasgow City Council are the biggest spenders with an average yearly spend of £419,685 and Barnsley the least with only £6,128 spent on Christmas lights and decorations.

When it comes to average spend per population, Dundee takes the top spot with an average spend of £1,274 per thousand people - four times the UK average.

Here's how Scottish cities rank:

Dundee - £1,274 per thousand people

When it came to the highest overall spend Dundee ranked fifth in the UK with an average spend of £188,913.

Taking into account the population of Dundee, approximately 150,000 people, the city punched well above its weight with an average spend of £1,274 per thousand — more than four times the national average of £293.

The city is expecting to spend slightly less this Christmas with an estimated budget of £181,000.

Glasgow - £663 per thousand people

Another Scottish city makes it into the top five, Glasgow was shown to be the most generous overall, with an average spend per year of £419,685.

Taking into account population size, Glasgow ranked second with a spend per thousand of £663 — just over twice as much as the UK average. 

The report also shows that projected figures for this Christmas are likely to be around £343,000.

Aberdeen - £421 per thousand people

Aberdeen ranked 13th with an average spend of £421 per thousand people. The city spends an average of £96,217 a year.

Edinburgh - £305 per thousand people

Edinburgh ranked 29th and had the lowest spend per thousand people in Scotland for the cities of £305, and an average spend of £149,076 per year.

This year the city is predicted to spend £140,000.

Here is the overall rankings for the UK according to the findings: