Residents in 11 council areas in Scotland are set to enter level four of the Scottish Government's lockdown levels from 6pm tonight.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the new local tier levels in Scotland on Tuesday, which will see City of Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, Stirling and West Lothian all enter level four of lockdown.

These areas will be kept in this tier until Friday, December 11.

What did Nicola Sturgeon say?

Nicola Sturgeon said: "The clear advice of our public health experts therefore is that we must drive infection rates down further in these areas, and they are not confident that level 3 restrictions will do this to the extent necessary.

"That is why, albeit reluctantly, we have taken the decision to place these areas into level 4 for a limited period.

"The level 4 restrictions will be in place for 3 weeks - and will be lifted on 11 December.

She added: "And I want to be clear on that point. I know people are frustrated that other restrictions have remained in place longer than planned.

"But level 4 is intended to be short and sharp. And in this situation, it is specifically intended to have an impact in advance of Christmas and the most challenging winter period."

Here’s what you can’t do in level 4


Visit other people’s homes 

You cannot visit someone in their home.

Meet more than two households outdoors

However you will be allowed to meet outdoors with six people from a maximum of two households.

Go to a restaurant or cafe

Restaurants and cafes will be closed.

However, Hotels and other accommodation providers can still serve food to qualifying guests i.e. key or exempt workers, staying in their premises up to 22:00. Room service, including alcohol, is allowed as normal.

Takeaways can still operate as normal, provided food and drink is sold for consumption off premises. Face coverings and physical distancing rules must be followed.


Go to the pub

All pubs and bars will be closed.

Go on holiday

All holiday accommodation is closed to tourism.

Hotels, B&Bs and self-catering can remain open for essential customers only.

Travel to other health boards

Travel restrictions will be put into law on 20 November to further enforce the current guidance that restricts people who live in a Level 3 or Level 4 local authority area from travelling outside their local authority except for an essential purpose - such as work or caring responsibilities.

The regulations also prevent non-essential travel into a Level 3 or 4 local authority area, except for the same reasons. 

There are exemptions for essential travel for work, education, shopping health etc; outdoor exercise; weddings and funerals; and transit through restricted areas.


Go on public transport

No use of public transport, except for essential purposes. You should also use active travel (walk, run, cycle, wheel) where possible, avoid car sharing with people outside extended households wherever possible. 

Get a haircut

All hairdressers will be closed.

Go shopping for non-essential goods

No, but only essential retail like supermarkets will be able to remain open in Level 4 providing they follow and have implemented Scottish Government guidance to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

Click and collect, on-line services and outdoor retail, such as garden centres, outdoor markets and car lots, can also remain open.


Get your nails or eyebrows done

All beauty salons will be closed.

Visit the gym indoors

indoor sports facilities are closed but outdoor gyms can remain open.

Get a tattoo or piercing

All tattoo parlours and piercing studios will be closed.

Go into a tanning salon or spa

All spas, wellness centres and tanning salons will be closed.

Go to the library or community centre

All public sector buildings such as libraries or community centres will be closed, however, library click and collect services may still operate in Level 4.

Watch sports live in a stadium

All stadia will be closed to spectators, however professional football will still continue.

Go to a gig or live event

No live events are permitted.

Driving lessons

Driving lessons, including motorcycle lessons, must not be held unless all occupants of the vehicle or vehicles are from the same household.

Driving instructors must not travel outside their local authority area to provide lessons.

Play contact sports i.e. football

However, outdoor non-contact sports are permitted for all age groups.

Go to the cinema or ten pin bowling

All leisure and entertainment premises must be closed.

Visit a museum or art gallery

All indoor visitor attractions such as museums, galleries, heritage attractions, indoor areas of zoos and aquariums are closed.

Send your child to a youth group or club

Unregulated activities and services for children and young people include groups such as Brownies or faith-based classes for children, and activities for parents and children such as baby and toddler groups.

However, activities that take place take place outdoors are permitted, except for public parades.


Visit someone in hospital for non-essential reasons

Hospital will be imposing an essential visits only policy. For example, end of Life, birth partners, accompanying children, patients with mental health issues including dementia, learning disabilities, autism.

These include any other situation where clinical staff assess that it is essential to involve family or carers for ethical or patient safety reasons.

It is important to note that these examples of essential visiting are intended to be illustrative and not exhaustive.

A carer or interpreter – or someone else fulfilling a similar necessary function – should not be considered as a visitor.

Go into a care home

Care homes will also be imposing an essential visits only policy.

However, visits to the care home to see loved ones through the window, arranged with care home in advance

If the Director of Public Health judges to be safe: garden visits with one designated visitor for 30 minutes once a week.