Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle called out Prime Minister Boris Johnson during PMQs.

The Prime Minister was reprimanded for asking a question to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer during PMQs.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle called out Boris Johnson reminding him: "It's Prime Minister's Questions, not Leader of the Opposition Questions" 

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The PM had tried to flip a question from Sir Keir about who was leaking information within his Government.

It came as Sir Keir Starmer questioned whether Government ministers have stuck to the ministerial code.

Mr Johnson asked: “I’d take them a lot more seriously, frankly, Mr Speaker, if the Leader of the Opposition could explain whether or why the right honourable member for Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn) is still a member of the Labour Party.

“Does he support the right honourable member for Islington North’s membership of the Labour Party, yes or no, why doesn’t he answer that question?”

The PM hit back at Sir Lindsay’s interjection, saying: “I think it’s a reasonable question” before the Speaker declared it was his “decision”.

Prompting laughter from MPs inside the Commons, the Speaker joked: “Thankfully we’ve got the sound… we don’t want to lose it.”

The Prime Minister then finished the brief spat by shouting: “It was your end last time, by the way.”

He was referencing the moment his video feed was muted during his coronavirus announcement on Monday.

The Labour leader said: “The Prime Minister may remember that in August last year he wrote the foreword to the ministerial code. It says, and I quote, ‘there must be no bullying, no harassment, no leaking, no misuse of taxpayers’ money, no actual or perceived conflicts of interest’.

“That is five promises in two sentences. How many of those promises does the Prime Minister think his ministers have kept?”

Boris Johnson replied: “I believe that the ministers of this Government are working hard and they are all doing an outstanding job in delivering the people’s priorities – and that is what we will continue to do.”

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He added: “If he wants to make any particular allegations about individual ministers or their conduct then he is welcome to do so and the floor is his.”

Boris Johnson defended Priti Patel saying she is “getting on with delivering the people’s priorities”.