Where is it?

Achmore in Wester Ross.

Why do you go there?

To visit relatives, to walk, to take a break, to be somewhere with no mobile reception, a place where my young kids can run around freely. It's the place I got married, it's the place I associate with reggae music and it's genuinely a place like no other.

How often do you go?

Pre-coronavirus at least once a year ... but it's been too long.

How did you discover it?

My wife took me there when we first got together. I was ever so slightly "questioned" by some very caring relatives about my intentions towards Katie – luckily, I left the village alive.

What's your favourite memory of being there?

It has to be our wedding day, which we had in the village field. The best gathering of people from literally all walks of life, in a small village with no mobile reception.

People actually had to talk to each other without phone distractions. The ceilidh went on until around 5am. It was a phenomenal day.

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Oh, and Uncle Tony's 60th birthday in the Achmore Hall was a scene of such brilliant chaos I could never give it descriptive justice.

Who do you take?

I am taken by my wife and kids.

HeraldScotland: Actor and writer Greg McHugh. Picture: Kirsty Anderson/Herald & TimesActor and writer Greg McHugh. Picture: Kirsty Anderson/Herald & Times

What do you take?

Waterproof gear. Jumpers, T-shirts, shorts, sun cream, scarves, gloves. And in the winter, you leave the sun cream. It has an amazingly particular micro-climate. You genuinely never know what the weather will bring. Quite tricky to pack for.

What do you leave behind when you depart?

Mostly vital clothing for the kids, a lot of empty wine bottles (the odd whisky bottle). A mess that my in-laws Helen and Tony have to clean up, but also a lot of fun memories.

Most of all we leave behind the best tap water in the world. I live in England and my goodness you miss being able to drink the tap water.

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Sum it up in five words.

Community. Freedom. Seclusion. Escapism. Laughter.

What travel spot is on your post-lockdown wish list?

Barcelona. One the best cities in the world. Hotel 1884. One day we will go back.

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