GOOD news at last. Scots are to start receiving a vaccine to protect against Covid from December 8. This is because the UK Government made preparations in terms of the approval of the vaccine’s safety credentials and ordered tens of millions of units of vaccine. The UK is ahead of all the other countries in the world in this.

The rollout of the vaccine in Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK, will be facilitated by the British armed forces. Wasn’t it nice of Nicola Sturgeon to express her appreciation of this achievement and its beneficial effects for Scotland? Oh, sorry. She didn’t.

Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh EH14.

THE imminent roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine will probably be the most challenging peace-time logistical operation we have ever known. Not properly managed it has the potential to turn into a nightmare which invites chaos. I was not surprised that Boris Johnson appointed MP Nadhim Zahawi to take charge of the operation for England and I assumed that Nicola Sturgeon would quickly appoint a counterpart for Scotland to ensure a steady supply and smooth distribution of the vaccine as well as providing a designated link between the Scottish Government and the NHS. No appointment has seemingly been forthcoming.

With Health Secretary Jeane Freeman struggling to cope with her current workload, it would be unfair to pile more pressure upon her. However, due to the lack of talent within the Scottish Cabinet I can imagine Ms Sturgeon is finding some difficulty in coming up with a suitable candidate.

Bob MacDougall, Kippen.

IT is fantastic news that a vaccine is available for use coupled with a Covid test. Perhaps it’s time to think of a way the vaccine could be valourised in the fight to get back to some kind of normality. Michael Gove may stutter his opposition to such a move as "premature", but surely it's not beyond the wit of man to design a verification certificate allowing the immune access to public facilities?

Just let it be locally designed and delivered, steering clear of any of the "world-beating" talk that was promoted ad nauseum by snake oil salesman-in-chief Boris Johnson talking up some past procedure that didn't work.

Alistair Richardson, Stirling.

WITH vaccines now available, the Government should set a definite date for the end of all Covid-19 rules and restrictions.

Businesses need to know where they stand and we all need to be able to plan for the future.

Once vaccines have been made available to all who desire them, which should be a few months from now, complete normality should return.

Those choosing not to be vaccinated can take their chances.

If the Scottish Government has been as reluctant as it claims to restrict our freedoms so dramatically, it should be champing at the bit now, eager to put it all behind us.

Set a date.

Richard Lucas, Leader of The Scottish Family Party, Glasgow G2.

BILL Brown (Letters, December 2) was, I felt, rather mean-spirited in referring to the £500 payment to health workers as a "patronising gratuity" and "a tip under the saucer". Perhaps those higher-paid health professionals who feel that way could just donate the cash to their more junior staff or perhaps to a local food bank, where it will be gratefully received.

John Jamieson, Ayr.

SEVERAL of your readers seem obsessed with the Scottish Government "being funded by the UK" and getting "free money".

They seem to lack an understanding of the taxation system.

The four nations of the UK pay money in and get money back to spend on their priorities.

The UK Government chooses to spend some of its health budget on lining the pockets of its pals with PPE contracts and Test & Trace deals. The Scottish Government chooses to use some of the health budget to put money in the pockets of NHS and care workers.

It’s a simple system and even better, we periodically get to vote on what spending priorities we prefer.

Robert Ritchie, Ayr.

ACCORDING to your report Tom Arthur MSP is claiming that the SNP is giving a £500 bonus to health and care workers ("Sturgeon faces backlash over £500 bonus to NHS workers", The Herald, December 2). Excellent news when added to the richly deserved £500 they are receiving from the British taxpayer.

Tom Riddell, Perth.