Boris Johnson has warned the public not to be complacent in the fight against the coronavirus

During a visit to a vaccination centre today, the Prime Minister said the country was at a pivotal moment and that it was time for "maximum vigilance".

It comes as around 2.4million vaccines have now been administered across the UK. 

Mr Johnson said: "This is a very perilous moment because everybody can sense that the vaccine is coming in and they can see that the UK is vaccinating large numbers of those that need it most.

“My worry is...that this is the moment when that degree of false confidence, false complacency, and that when you look at what has happened in the NHS that complacency is not merited.

“More important than us just pushing out new rules, people have got to follow the guidance."

He said it was better that people follow the current guidelines than have to introduce new tougher measures, explaining: "In supermarkets, people need to be keeping their distances, making sure that they’re wearing masks, doing the right thing.

“We need to enforce the rules in supermarkets.

"When people are getting takeaway drinks, in cafes, then they need to avoid spreading the disease there, avoid mingling too much.”