Scots should not meet up for coffee as it is 'not appropriate' for where Scotland is in the pandemic, one of the country's top medics has said.

Professor Jason Leitch said people should not be bending coronavirus rules, just as ministers met on Tuesday morning to discuss a possible tightening of restrictions.

Takeaway and click-and-collect retail services are two of the main topics of discussion, and it is thought the Scottish Government could consider further restrictions.

"If you’re arranging to meet someone for coffee, that’s not appropriate for where we are in the pandemic," Professor Leitch told BBC Breakfast.

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“That’s not where we are just now. I’m really, really sorry but you should only leave the house for essential reasons.”

The national clinical director also said most people should not be sitting on park benches, but made an exception for older people, using his parents as an example.


“If my parents go out for a walk, they’re 79 and 80, it’s perfectly legitimate for them to have a little rest on the way, because I think it’s really important that they go out,” he said.

“We’re not suggesting the police should fine everybody on park benches, but let’s use our common sense.”

When asked about the park bench example and how it should be policed, Prof Leitch said: “It should hopefully not be policed.”

He went on to say he believed most people “understand we’re in a pandemic”, but added that the police will enforce the law if they have to.

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Prof Leitch also called for a shift in the thinking of some people who seek to bend pandemic rules, saying: “I would much rather people asked, ‘How do I stay within these rules? What is it I can do that would put me and everybody else at the least risk?'”

He added: “Now, that’s not forever. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

“I can’t believe we’re on, still talking about staying at home in January – it’s 11 months since I was first on your programme about this pandemic.”