MPs have demanded the release of an unpublished review into devolution and the state of the union.

The chairs of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Affairs commitees at Westminster have written to Michael Gove urging him to explain when the Dunlop Review would be published.

The report, which was ordered by Theresa May in July 2019, is complete however Downing Street has failed to publish its findings.

It is believed to have been finished in early 2020, and has been sitting on the Prime Minister's desk ever since. 

It is thought to include more than 40 recommendations for a major shakeup of Whitehall, including moving officials outside London to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In a letter to the Cabinet Office Minister, sent on Friday, SNP MP Peter Wishart, who chairs the Scottish Affairs Committee joined Welsh MP Stephen Crabb, Northern Ireland's Simon Hoare MP and the chairman of the Constitutional Affairs committee William Wragg MP in calling for the report's release.

They wrote: "As you know, our Committees have been awaiting the publication of Lord Dunlop’s Review and the Government’s response to it for some time.

"It was therefore disappointing to learn that, contrary to earlier commitments, these would not be published before the end of 2020."

They explained that they had planned to hold a joint evidence session on January 28 for the Government to explain how it was going to implement the recommendations of the review, and added: "In order for this session to go ahead as planned, our Members will require both Lord Dunlop’s Review and the Government’s response to be made public by 14 January.

"We would be grateful if you could confirm that the Government will be publishing the Review and the  response within this timeframe.

"If you are unable to do so, we ask that you set out a clear alternative timeframe for publication so that we can arrange our scrutiny accordingly."

In November, Labour peer George Foulkes asked the GOvernment when the report would be published, and was told it would be "by the end of this year". 

MPs have also been questioning the reason for the delay in publishing the document.