Piers Morgan has said that he has never had a reaction to any interview clip quite like the Matt Hancock interview yesterday on GMB.

The Good Morning Britain host left Health Secretary Matt Hancock squirming by repeatedly asking why he initially voted against free school meals and if he regretted doing so.

The clip was soon trending on Twitter.

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Reacting to the popularity of the interview, host Piers Morgan wrote on social media: "Never had a reaction to any interview clip quite like this one."

In the interview, Morgan challenged Hanock on the images of Free School Meal 'food parcels' that had cropped up on social media after being sent to families in England, which provoked outrage among many. 

Labeling the offering a "disgrace" Morgan asked if the health secretary agreed to which he said:  "Absolutely. The company has apologised for what it sent out and I'm really glad this surfaced on social media.

"Some people complain about social media but I think this is one of the upsides of it."

He added: "I want to see high quality food.

"I'm really glad that we're able to send out food for those who receive free school meals when schools are in and I'm really glad we're able to do that when schools are out."

The GMB host quickly interjected however saying: "Okay, if you're that glad, can I ask you a difficult question, why did you vote against it?"

Matt Hanock replied stating: Well I am really glad we were able to put it into place."

When challenged again, he said: "The reason I am glad now is because we have been able to sort that and put it into place."

HeraldScotland: Education food service provider Chartwells has apologised. Education food service provider Chartwells has apologised.

Morgan added: "Let's be honest, you got shamed into it by a footballer, a young football player with a conscience, who managed to prick the conscience of you and the government."

The answer prompted a back and forth as Piers Morgan demanded to know if the health secretary regretted not voting for free school meals in England initially, with the minister refusing to answer yes or no.

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Mr Hancock repeatedly just answered that he was glad it was now put into place, while Morgan pushed for a "yes" or "no" answer. 

The Prime Minister said photos of low-value meals delivered during the lockdown were an ‘insult’ to parents.