There have been 1,753 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Scotland in the past 24 hours. 

According to Scottish Government statistics, there have been 78 deaths in the same period. 

145 people are in intensive care with recently confirmed Covid while 1,863 people are in hospital.

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Yesterday there were over 2,160 new cases of Covid report with 61 news deaths. 

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224,840 people have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and 3,331 have received their second dose.

The number of new infections is 407 below the 2,160 announced on Friday but the number of people who have died is 17 higher.

It is the first time this year the number of new cases in Scotland has dropped below 2,000, although official figures being reported tend to be lower at the weekends.

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A host of new Covid restrictions have come into force today in Scotland due to a rapidly spreading strain of Covid-19.