Extinction Rebellion Scotland have called for Scots to take action on air pollution.

The organisation have asked for the public to put pressure on MPs to support an amendment to the Environment Bill on January 26.

They have encouraged the public to write to their MP, take a picture of themself outside a local school, post the picture on social media, and tweet their MP.

The group also added that those who take part take all possible Covid-19 precautions and only take action on their daily exercise and with members of their own household.

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The amendment to the Environment Bill is to introduce a commitment to meeting WHO targets for limits on fine partical pollution, otherwise known as PM 2.5.

The topic has received increased attention after a court ruled last year that nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah died because of air pollution.

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According to the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, air pollution is responsible for around 40,000 early deaths and over 20,000 hospital admissions every year in the UK.

Friends of the Earth Scotland have said that the government's instructions to stay at home have led to steep drops in pollution, particularly on commuter routes into the biggest cities.