The website of the Scottish Poetry Library is struggling to stay online - because of the number of people accesing its archive of Rabbie Burns' poems. 

The site has been experiencing high volumes of traffic throughout the day of Burns Night and has suffered frequent outages. 

However, it is still accessible and poetry fans are being advised to wait a short duration before trying to access its huge selection of Scottish poems.

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A curator at the site said the high demand around Brurns birthdate was a "double-edged sword".

He said: "It's pleasing that there's so much interest in the poetry of Robert Burns, but the website does struggle with demand around this time.

"We've been experiencing a huge volume of traffic throughout the day, and have spoken with our web managers to try and move a few things around to make the site run smoother.

"We ask everyone visiting the site to be patient."

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The Scottish Poetry Library was established in a custom-built building on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh in 1999, and now stocks around 30,000 items, curated by six members of staff.