Nicola Benedetti made an emotional plea in a video to help save the life of “phenomenal” fellow musician who has been diagnosed with an inoperable cancer.

The Scottish violinist posted the video on YouTube where she made the emotional plea for French-American musician Corinne Chapelle.  

Ms Chapelle, who is currently based in the UK, has been advised by her oncologist to seek targeted treatment available in Germany and Switzerland with a projected cost of £300,000 for three rounds of targeted treatments over the course of one year.

Ms Chapelle said: ’This sum is impossible for me to meet on my own, and I am asking for your help to reach my goal.

“I am acutely aware that this is a very difficult time for us all, and I welcome your healing thoughts, prayers, donations, or just spreading the word to people you know who have the means and wish to help. I have a six year old daughter, Leila, whom I desperately want to watch grow up, blossom and reach her dreams.”

The campaign has been virtually signed by violinists Benedetti, Vilde Frang, Nicholas Aldstaedt and Julian Rachlin among others.

"She is incredibly sick and the only treatment that will save her life is incredibly expensive. Put simply we need donations, we need them soon and we need a lot of donations in order to save her life.

"She has given so much joy to so many people through her life, through her music and her personality and she deserves this. So please give generously and please give soon," said Ms Benedetti.