RANGERS fans who raised cash to replace memorial benches damaged by supporters are to be sent a bill by council chiefs. 

Local authority bosses will ask the organisers of a fundraiser to pay around £4000 to cover the costs caused by last weekend's celebrations in George Square. 

Thousands of Rangers supporters took to the streets and broke lockdown restrictions to mark the Ibrox side's first major league title in more than a decade. 

A further £4000 is needed to replant flower beds while damage to the lawn is set to cost around £3000 to fix. 

The bill will be sent to Robert Marshall, the owner of the Louden Tavern, who is behind an online fundraiser, which has so far coined in around £10,000. 

Speaking last week, Mr Marshall said: “We’ll get together and get it sorted and give the rest of it to charity. 

"We need to speak to the council to find out exactly what damage was done and how many benches.”

“It’s really quite simple, we have always done things the proper way. 

"I think it’s proper that if Rangers fans have been responsible for the damage then the Rangers fans should pay for it. That’s what we intend to do.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "Mr Marshall took no part in the events of last weekend and this week he said that if Rangers fans had been responsible for the damage then Rangers fans should pay for it.

"That's a helpful step towards healing the hurt caused by last week's behaviour. 

"We've discussed the costs of replacing the benches this weekend and we'll be issuing an invoice to him next week."

The latest development comes amid a fresh campaign from both sides of the Old Firm to avoid a repeat of scenes in Glasgow when they meet at Parkhead on Sunday. 

Following warnings from senior government officials the game could be called-off, Rangers and Celtic have agreed to reaffirm stay at home messages to supporters. 

In an open letter to Gers fans yesterday, boss Steven Gerrard wrote: “The best place you can support my players and I this Sunday is from the comfort of your own home. 

"We know you are with us here in spirit and we know how much last weekend meant to you when we secured the title.

“You have followed us and cheered us, you have won with us, you have lost with us. You trusted us, and more than anything, you believed in us. And we believe in you as we are Rangers and we are Champions.

“Stay safe. Stay at home. Support the NHS. Support Rangers Football Club.”

Celtic interim manager John Kennedy said: "It's been a massive loss for us not having the fans this season, they give us so much support both around the games and in the stadiums.


"That's something we've had to face up to and we hope in the near future that we get everyone back where they belong which is inside the stadium and celebrating and working together again.

"The message from us is stay safe, stay at home, be with your families and enjoy the game on TV."