The controverisal former MP George Galloway has been accused of being 'in the racist sewer and gutter' after he took to Twitter to say that 'Humza' was not a 'Celt' like him. 

The cryptic message - which many took to refer to Justice secretary Humza Yousaf - was posted on Mr Galloway's Twitter feed on Wednesday night. 

The ex-politician, who has clashed with the SNP before and is a fierce opponent of independence, is currently hoping to win a seat at Holyrood on the regional list with his All 4 Unity party. 

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He has been an outspoken critic of the Hate Crime Bill recently approved by the Scottish Parliament, but appeared to be targetting the Justice Secretary personally by saying: "Well, Humza, you're not more Scottish than me. You're not a Celt like me. You're not working-class like me. 

"You didn't go to a state school like me. You're not more socialist than me. So stop pretending. You're a poseur." 

The Tweet was quick to draw ire on social media, with many branding it offensive. 

Blogger and commentator Gerry Hassan said: "George Galloway in the racist sewer and gutter. This is a race-baiting, vile tweet from a man who used to see himself as anti-racist and anti-imperialist.

"'Not a Celt like me' is not about Celtic FC but ethnicity and identity and truly appalling."

Others were quick to agree, with one social media user saying Mr Galloway was the "Scottish Nigel Farage". Another, who claimed to have campaigned with Mr Galloway in the past, said the episode was a "sad downfall".

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Margaret Kirk added that it was "vile".