DOWNING Street has refused to weigh in on whether the Scottish Tories have done the right thing by pushing for a vote of no confidence in the Nicola Sturgeon

Asked this afternoon at a lobby briefing, the PM's official press secretary Allegra Stratton said the issue was "one for the Scottish Conservatives".

She was asked whether Mr Johnson supported the move to hold a vote of no confidence in the First Minister following publication of two reports into the Scottish Government’s handling of the Salmond affair.

The first, by Irish QC James Hamilton, found that Ms Sturgeon did not break the ministerial code, while a Holyrood committee report, published today, found that she had misled parliament over her recollections of a meeting held with Mr Salmond’s adviser.

Asked if Mr Johnson supported the Scottish Conservatives vote against Ms Sturgeon today, Ms Stratton said: "That's a matter for that party and for Douglas Ross, its leader.”

She was then asked what the Prime Minister’s view was of the Hamilton report’s findings, she added: "It’s a matter for the Scottish Conservative Party, led by Douglas Ross. They're doing a tremendous job holding the Scottish government to account on this, and it’s for them to lead up there.”  

Asked if Ms Sturgeon should resign following the finding that she misled parliament, Ms Stratton said: "I'd direct you to Douglas Ross who will field these questions very ably.

“The Prime Minister is, as you know, focussed on the vaccine rollout and dealing with the pandemic.”