BEING a lifestyle blogger can open a number of doors. For Glasgow-based Kate Spiers, every day her inbox fills with new opportunities. Yet when Scotland’s Home Of The Year (SHOTY) TV crew came knocking, she admits it was completely new territory to consider.

“I didn’t really have TV in my mind,” says Spiers, 30, “it wasn’t something I thought I would ever do. I’ve always been happy with my online job and content creation, but when I went for a meeting with the team, I just loved them – they were so passionate about the show, and I just thought ‘okay, let’s try it out!’”

The Herald:

The popular home show continues to attract a strong following in its third series, Spiers believes demand will be at an all-time high. “I think it’s a really great programme to go on after so long in lockdown,” she highlights.

 “When everyone’s been looking at the same four walls for the last year, lots of people have big plans for what they’re going to do with their homes, and for when they can have tradesmen back into the house, so I think watching an interiors show is going to be inspiring for people … a welcome bit of voyeurism.”

The Herald:

Despite the fluctuating restrictions of the pandemic last year, the crew, alongside Spiers’s fellow judges interior designer Anna Campbell-Jones and architect Michael Angus, were able to film series three last September.

“I would not recommend filming during a pandemic,” laughs Spiers. “We would do Covid tests every couple of days, get temperature checks twice a day – we constantly had thermometers hanging out of our mouths.

“We were really lucky we could get out to film, and it was great to see more of Scotland.” 

The Herald:
Originally from New Zealand, Spiers considers herself an honorary Scot since moving here as a child. The content creator has a weighty 295,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom were gained over the last year alone.  

“My following grew massively during the pandemic,” she explains, “whereas it hadn’t grown that much in the last couple of years.” 

The Herald:

One of the main reasons for this influx is Spiers’s dreamy, aesthetically pleasing interiors. 
“I would think my niche, or my USP, is probably that I live quite a simple life – I view my content as being attainable but slightly aspirational. 

The Herald:

“My husband and I live in a three-bedroom tenement flat in the southside of Glasgow – it’s far from a mansion, but it has period detailing and we’ve done a lot of work to make it our own and inject our personality into it. It’s also a style that is easy to replicate. 

“I’m quite inspired by Southern Californian style – lots of wood and greenery, earthy tones, and textures. I bring a lot of that into my home, I love rattan and a bit of 1970s style. I think I’ve created quite a colourful home that brings me a lot of joy.”

The Herald:

So, after being able to add TV presenter to her ever-growing CV, what’s next for Spiers? “Writing is my passion,” she emphasises. “I would love to write a book one day, a collection of essays, I think – that’s something I’ve always been leading up to. Although everybody always wants me to do an interiors book!” 


Kate shares her top tips to freshen up your home for spring

There is no better time to refresh your home than the start of a new season, and the arrival of spring definitely brings with it a chance to declutter and revive your space. So, throw open your windows, stock up on blossom-scented cleaning supplies and follow my steps for freshening up your home for spring … 

Deep clean and declutter: Spring is the perfect time to assess your home and see what you can donate or throw out. I’ve made multiple trips to the recycling centre lately and it really has made a difference to my home – I know I’ll never be a minimalist, but it feels calming to have a little less clutter at least.
Set aside an hour or so once a week to clear out your wardrobe, kitchen 
cabinets and hallway cupboards. 

Reorganise sideboards and shelves, and get rid of anything you haven’t used or worn in a while – be ruthless! Then give everything a once-over as you go – spring cleaning is good for the soul. 

The Herald:

Have a room refresh: Changing the layout of a room and giving your home a bit of a rejig does wonders for making the space feel like new. Once or twice a year I’ll consider how I can switch up my spaces. I’ll move furniture, swap out soft furnishings, relocate the sofa to another position or change our spare room completely. I’ll even rework the gallery walls and artwork around my home. It’s like redecorating but without spending a penny. 

Bring the outdoors: in Stock up on tulips, daffodils and peonies, and place bouquets around your home – on mantelpieces, sideboards, kitchen worktops and coffee tables. I’m a big fan of greenery in the home too – plants like Pothos, Monstera deliciosa and ZZ plants are so easy to take care of and really breathe a bit of life into a room. I’m all about the indoor jungle, so go wild with blooms and plants and your home will feel bright and breezy in no time. 

The Herald:

Consider a lick of paint: With so many fun paint brands launching lately (from Lick to Pickleson and COAT), it’s easier than ever to add colour to your life. Opt for a fresh eucalyptus green to revive a bathroom, or pick a played-down pink for warmth. Go wild with it – paint a feature wall in your living room or section off a room with a dado rail and paint the lower section a bright shade. Bold colours never go out of style.