The Proclaimers have publicly thrown their support behind Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party in the list vote during the upcoming elections.

The Edinburgh twins, who are long-time SNP supporters, urged their fans to “vote Alba on your list vote”.

A short video featuring the musical pair Craig and Charlie Reid was released by the party on Sunday.

Charlie said: “We’re the ­Proclaimers and we’re backing Alba for the Scots parliamentary elections in May.

“We want to build as big a majority as possible towards putting pressure on Westminster to grant IndyRef 2.”

Craig added: “Vote Alba on your list vote.”

A number of SNP figures have defected to join Alba since the party was launched by Mr Salmond.

Kenny MacAskill, one of two MPs who switched to the new party, told the Sunday Mail newspaper: “Charlie and Craig are lifelong independence ­supporters.

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“This will be a ­tremendous boost to Alba’s campaign to persuade people to make both votes count for ­independence.”

The SNP told the newspaper: “The only way to ensure Scotland’s future is in ­Scotland’s hands is by giving both votes to the SNP.”

It comes after a new opinion poll suggests pro-independence parties could win 79 of the Scottish Parliament’s 129 seats in the upcoming election.

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