An independent Scotland could lead global efforts in nuclear disarmament, Green co-leader Patrick Harvie said.

Speaking in the run up to the May 6 Holyrood election, he insisted the UK is "run by a corrupt government that wants to invest in expanding its nuclear arsenal".

But by leaving the UK, Greens believe Scotland could play a leading role in international efforts to build peace and tackle the climate emergency.

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Both the Greens and the SNP want to see a second vote on independence take place in the next Holyrood term - if there is a majority in the Scottish Parliament for this.

And Mr Harvie said: "The Scottish Greens provided a pro-independence majority in the last parliament and we are ready to do so again."

He insisted: "Scotland doesn't have to sit back and accept a Brexit race to the bottom run by an increasingly right-wing Tory party.

"With the potential and talent Scotland has in innovation and renewable energy, we could be leading European efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

"And by recognising that the nuclear weapons based in Scotland are illegal, we can lead global efforts in nuclear disarmament too."

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Mr Harvie said his party wanted Scotland to be a "new, outward-looking nation with our own seat at the European table, driving change across the continent and restoring the rights of workers".

And speaking ahead of campaigning in Dundee, he told voters: "This election is a chance to endorse that vision and vote for the Scotland you want."