IT’S hard to imagine tourist attractions playing a role too often in transfer negotiations but it worked for Beth Dix.

“One of the pulling points for moving to Scotland was so I could go to the Christmas market in Edinburgh as I always wanted to visit it,” laughs the 22 year-old.

“Covid ruined that for me last winter but hopefully later this year I’ll finally get to experience it.”

Not that Dix has much time or opportunity for city exploring now. It is netball that is currently consuming her having made the switch to Glasgow’s Strathclyde Sirens last autumn.

She and the team have both made a strong start in her maiden season as she gradually assimilates to life in a new country.

“I’ve been here for about six months now and it’s been great so far,” she says. “I’m a big fan of life in Scotland.

“I’d never been to Glasgow or Edinburgh before so I’ve had the pleasure of being in both now. I feel like I’m in Sex and the City now, living life in the big city!

“I’m living in Glasgow which is where the team is based for the most part but we’re also travelling to Edinburgh to train at Oriam a couple of days a week.

“I’m from Bedfordshire which is quite sleepy so it’s been a nice change for me coming here, even if all the restaurants and cafes have obviously been closed for a while.

“Covid has been hard for so many people but it’s probably been a blessing in some ways for netball as we’ve been able to train a lot.

“Our team-mates are the only other people we’re seeing. I’ve been thrown in a bit at the deep end as Taylor Cullen was the only player I knew before I moved here.

“I knew coming to Scotland was going to take me out of my comfort zone.

“But the situation has given me a great chance to bond with the rest of the team and get to know them. And I think that’s showing on court with the start we’ve made to the season.

“I just need to get up to speed with the Scottish accent now. I didn’t realise how many different varieties of it there are!

“And when they’re all talking together quite fast I’m sometimes a bit lost. But for the most part it’s been fine.”

Lockdown has been tough on everyone but the new norm of remote working has allowed the former Saracens and Wasps wing attack to continue in her post as a marketing manager for a firm down south while committing to Sirens’ busy training and match schedule.

“Luckily as a manager I can sort my own schedule with work and I’ve got my laptop and can do everything remotely,” she adds.

“It’s probably the perfect job to base around netball as this team seems to train a lot! We’re doing three gym sessions a week, two main team sessions and three player-led court sessions.

“It’s a lot but given the lockdown there’s not much else you can do right now anyway. And that’s given me a taste of what it would be like to be a full-time athlete.

“I’m enjoying it at Sirens. Sportscotland have done a lot of good things behind the scenes as it’s one of the most professional environments I’ve worked in. And it’s nice to see that rewarded.

“Fans can watch every game on TV or on a stream so that’s taking netball into people’s living rooms every weekend which is great exposure for the sport.”

Dix’s other passion is dodgeball. By the age of 16 she had competed in the European championships before captaining England to victory in the World Cup.

The Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughan-fronted 2004 movie may have put a comedic slant on the sport but Dix remains a huge advocate and believes many of the attributes needed to play the game are not too dissimilar to netball.

In another happy coincidence, the netball and dodgeball seasons don’t cross over allowing Dix to continue to do both.

“I think the sport actually grew after the movie came out,” she admits. “The depiction of matches is probably not very accurate to be honest but it’s a comedy and just a bit of a laugh. And you definitely do get some quirky characters in dodgeball!

“I feel it definitely helps with my netball as a lot of the skills are transferable and you can take certain moves from one into the other.

“I’m looking forward to getting back into my club in the summer and the seasons don’t clash which is good. So that’s something I’m looking forward to getting back to in the off-season.”