BORIS Johnson is planning to spend billions on Scotland's rail and road network in an attempt to save the Union, but will unveil his 'blueprint' after the Holyrood poll. 

The Prime Minister is said to be considering large investments north of the border to try and convince Scots against independence.

As reported in the Telegraph, there are also plans being considered for treating Scottish patients in English hospitals to help with any backlog which has built up over the pandemic. 

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Dominic Raab si also said to have asked diplomats to make the case for the union, and against Scottish independence overseas.

The Herald previously reported that the UK Government's Internal Market Bill would enable spend in Scotland without the consent of Holyrood, even in some devolved areas. 

Mr Johnson announced in Febuary that cash for levelling up parts of the England would be increased, to enable the funding to be spread out across all four nations of the UK, as part of the Bill. 

The Bill was said by SNP MPs as well as some in Wales and Northern Ireland, to be an attempt to snatch power from devolved administrations following the UK's complete exit from the European Union.

Today it has been reported that senior UK Government ministers are concerned about the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, and what it could mean if the SNP win a majority.  

There are fears that Nicola Sturgeon could call for another referendum as soon as the election results are announced, while a senior source is reported to have said the results were likely to be "bloody awful" in Scotland. 

One minister told the Telegraph that the SNP were viewing Thursday’s vote as “a referendum on a referendum" adding: "There is no room for complacency. We are in a bare knuckle fight.”

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Plans reportedly being considered by the UK Government include: 

  • Encouraging diplomats to make the case for the union, and against an independent Scotland, overseas
  • Using the Erasmus replacement, the Turing scheme, to pay for students to study in different parts of the UK
  • Treating Scottish patients in English hospitals
  • 'Billions' of pounds worth of investment in transport infrastructure 

A Cabinet Minister is said to have told the newspaper that voters would be better off voting for another pro-union party other than the Scottish Conservatives to try and stop Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

They said people should "vote for parties that will save the Union and avoid Scotland going into the chaos of economic uncertainty at a time when we have to build back better under Covid".

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Another source warned: "If you are going to fight to preserve the Union, you have got to recognise that you are in competition with an organised adversary in the SNP and the Scottish Government.”

It is reported that Mr Johnson's union-saving plan is to be unveiled next week, after the election, by which point some fear it will be too late and have little impact on voters.

The Prime Minister is understood to be holding a meeting later this week with senior cabinet ministers and the secretaries of state for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to finalise their response to the vote on Thursday. 

Whitehall lawyers are also being primed to tackle any attempt by the SNP to hold a referendum without the UK government's permission, according to the Telegraph.