The BBC wiped the floor with ITV in the Christmas Day ratings battle. Initial viewing figures show it broadcast nine of the 10 most watched television programmes.

Figures also revealed the combined peak share of audience for BBC One and BBC2 was 51.7% this year, up from 44.4% in 2006.

The statistics are likely to make uncomfortable reading for ITV executive chairman Michael Grade, who has vowed to get the broadcaster back on par with the Beeb.

Historically, with shows such as Morecambe & Wise and Only Fools and Horses, the BBC has dominated the Christmas Day schedule at the expense of ITV. However, this year's nine-out-of-10 trouncing is a remarkable achievement. Kylie Minogue's guest appearance helped the Doctor Who Christmas special which was watched by 12.2 million people - half the available audience. The BBC said EastEnders was Tuesday's most popular programme, achieving its best Christmas Day viewing figures for three years. The second installment at 8pm was watched by 13.9 million.

Six million people watched the Queen's annual broadcast - an audience share of 41.7%.

Coronation Street was ITV1's sole top 10 entry, with a peak of 9.6 million, as it battled against Strictly Come Dancing.

BBC One acting controller Roly Keating said: "It's heartening to see that the great tradition of Christmas family viewing seems to be alive and well. We were delighted that audiences found so much to enjoy in our line-up of programmes on BBC1"

The figures do not include viewers who recorded programmes to watch later, meaning the actual audiences are likely to be higher when the final totals are released.

The Queen's annual address to the nation attracted a total audience of 7.5 million viewers as it marked the 50th anniversary of her first televised Christmas address.

Her speech was broadcast simultaneously on BBC One and ITV1. It was watched by 5.9 million on the former, and by 1.6 million on the latter.

The Channel 4 programme with the highest rating was Deal or No Deal, seen by 1.9 million people. Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the 90s attracted Five's highest number of viewers, with 1.1 million at its peak.

Mr Grade has said ITV needs to raise its creative ambition, be more innovative and take more risks.

Victory for the Beeb - The Christmas Top Ten on TV

1 EastEnders part two (13.9m)
2 Doctor Who (13.8m)
3 EastEnders part one (11.8m)
4= To The Manor Born (10.1m)
4= Shrek 2 (10.1m)
4= BBC News at 18.00 (10.1m)
7 Strictly Come Dancing Special (9.9m)
8 Coronation Street (9.6m)
9 Finding Nemo (8.3m)
10 The Queen's Christmas Message (7.5m*)

* BBC One and ITV1 combined
Source: BARB