The ALBA Party has protested their 'exclusion' from televised election debates by projecting their party's symbol on to BBC Scotland's headquarters.

The move comes as a response to the BBC's decision to "ban" Alex Salmond from the television debates, ahead of tonight's final chance for Scotland's main party leaders to go head-to-head before the polls open on May 6.

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The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Conservatives' Douglas Ross, Labour's Anas Sarwar, Green Patrick Harvie and Lib Dem Willie Rennie are taking part in the BBC event.

ALBA Campaign Manager and Lead Candidate for West Scotland Cllr Chris McEleny said: “The BBC apparatchiks may take our debating lines but they cannot take away our freedom to make a fool of their attempts at censorship.


"By depriving ALBA of our proper position in the debates and in their news output they have exposed themselves as unfit to be Scotland’s public service broadcaster.

He added: "When ALBA’s community based campaign proves successful BBC bosses will spend the next five years explaining why their attempts to rig an election left them with egg on their faces and the ALBA symbol on their building."

Last week the Alba Party said it would be stepping-up its ground campaign as leader Alex Salmond claimed it is being “blacked out” by the BBC.

Mr Salmond railed against broadcasters during the campaign after Alba was not given a place in the televised leaders’ debates.

But a ruling this week by broadcasting regulator Ofcom said the BBC’s approach to its coverage “did not raise concerns”.

The BBC said “rigorous” processes govern its election coverage and Ofcom had found it has given Alba “due weight” so far.

Mr Salmond accused the regulator of having “effectively surrendered its role as a custodian of broadcasting fairness”.


He said: “The facts are simple. Alba has been effectively blacked out by the BBC which dominates the election broadcasting coverage. This applies not just to the set-piece debates but even more importantly to the daily round of news coverage.

“The BBC sticks to its out-of-date, discredited formula of ‘five major parties’ getting roughly equivalent coverage, despite the reality that of these parties the SNP are almost 10 times the size of the Lib Dems.

“Alba on many measurements – membership, Panelbase opinion polls, and policy relevance and distinctiveness – has already overtaken the Lib Dems in this campaign but yet is receiving only a bare fraction of the coverage allocated to the ‘feeble five’.”

A spokesman for the BBC previously said: “The BBC has rigorous processes on how we cover elections and we note that Ofcom have found that we have given due weight to the Alba Party in our coverage to date.”