The Herald:

BETWEEN elections to the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments, the Hartlepool by-election, mayoral races in London and elsewhere in England, and various other local ballots, Super Thursday, now just two sleeps away, is shaping up to be pretty busy.  

Outwith Scotland, keep an eye on Hartlepool. Labour for generations, the party almost lost the seat in the 2019 General Election to the Tories, but the red wall of seats turning from crimson to blue could not quite stretch that far in the end. 

The Conservatives have had their eyes on it since, and this time the polls are pointing to victory. In a Survation survey for Good Morning Britain, Jill Mortimer for the Conservatives was on 50% (up one point on the previous month), while Labour’s Paul Williams had slumped to 33% (down nine). 

The Tories are so confident, Boris Johnson has visited the constituency three times (in contrast to the number of election visits he has paid to Scotland: precisely zero). 

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